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Our Rough Guide to Bulgaria
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Is Bulgaria for you ?


Bulgaria is said to be one of the poorest countries in Europe , but why does it have a booming tourist industry . It’s not flash like Marbella , but this place has a wealth of culture and much more to offer .


the walk from sunset resort to local shops
Old style pavement back in 2005 now replaced

New pavement finished in 2011

communist era flats remain on road to pomorie town

pomorie has a population of around 15,000 people , and is a great place to explore in and out of season

How we see it


Cobbled un-even streets with chopped wood piled up outside their houses for fuel , which is delivered by horse and carts . Driving through the towns and villages you’ll see blocks of flats & old houses from the communist era , which basically need a good lick of white paint and a bit of tender loving care . Half built hotels and houses which have run out of money are common place , with a pile of rubble by the side . Bulgaria is the fastest growing economy in Europe so there is currently a heavy investment in infrastructure .

outside of resort
 Most hotels surrounding Sunset Resort are now completed

it's not unusal to find an old fishing boat lying in the street

The People


Before we first visited we asked several people what they liked about Bulgaria and all of them said immediately the people , who are warm and friendly , with the odd exception of course . The young are very trendy and very well turned out . In the bars you’ll often find the locals preferring a coffee rather than a pint of lager .

watch life go by at St George in centre of Pomorie

Flamingo , not posh , no english , but popular

Izbata wine cellar restaurant 5 minute walk
Food & Drink


Similar to Greek & Turkish food with lots of salads and yogurts , but also your normal good old English meals like pizza . Try the chicken shashlik on the skewers it’s fab .


We entered a popular restaurant in Pomorie only to find the menu completely in Bulgaria with no English translation and no pictures , so we chose our meal by our favourite numbers . The waitress was laughing whilst we were ordering which scared us a little , but we had a great variety of fish , meats ands other exotic dishes which were gorgeous .  


There is a wine factory in Pomorie which has a shop on-site and it’s cheap , but if you only there for a week then you can still get a bargain at the local supermarket . Kamenitza is the Bulgarian beer and it’s not too strong which helps you last a little longer , plus the old favourites like Stella & Becks .



 Why we love it


It’s great to experience a different culture with the people in their local shops & bars . Lovely tourist places to visit like Old Town Nessebar , which is a peninsula , and has cobbled streets and market traders . Great restaurants with a real Bulgarian feel , and fantastic local wines . It’s very cheap and one of the few places you can still visit and actually bring some of your spending money home . Also the resort itself is absolutely amazing , our apartment has superb views and it’s all on the beach .


nessebar cobbled streets , local traders , great


Any questions , call Dave on 01509 416646 or mobile 07879 695400